v0.19.1 (November 3, 2016)

This is a minor bug-fix release from 0.19.0 and includes some small regression fixes, bug fixes and performance improvements. We recommend that all users upgrade to this version.

Performance Improvements

  • Fixed performance regression in factorization of Period data (GH14338)
  • Fixed performance regression in Series.asof(where) when where is a scalar (GH14461)
  • Improved performance in DataFrame.asof(where) when where is a scalar (GH14461)
  • Improved performance in .to_json() when lines=True (GH14408)
  • Improved performance in certain types of loc indexing with a MultiIndex (GH14551).

Bug Fixes

  • Source installs from PyPI will now again work without cython installed, as in previous versions (GH14204)
  • Compat with Cython 0.25 for building (GH14496)
  • Fixed regression where user-provided file handles were closed in read_csv (c engine) (GH14418).
  • Fixed regression in DataFrame.quantile when missing values where present in some columns (GH14357).
  • Fixed regression in Index.difference where the freq of a DatetimeIndex was incorrectly set (GH14323)
  • Added back pandas.core.common.array_equivalent with a deprecation warning (GH14555).
  • Bug in pd.read_csv for the C engine in which quotation marks were improperly parsed in skipped rows (GH14459)
  • Bug in pd.read_csv for Python 2.x in which Unicode quote characters were no longer being respected (GH14477)
  • Fixed regression in Index.append when categorical indices were appended (GH14545).
  • Fixed regression in pd.DataFrame where constructor fails when given dict with None value (GH14381)
  • Fixed regression in DatetimeIndex._maybe_cast_slice_bound when index is empty (GH14354).
  • Bug in localizing an ambiguous timezone when a boolean is passed (GH14402)
  • Bug in TimedeltaIndex addition with a Datetime-like object where addition overflow in the negative direction was not being caught (GH14068, GH14453)
  • Bug in string indexing against data with object Index may raise AttributeError (GH14424)
  • Correctly raise ValueError on empty input to pd.eval() and df.query() (GH13139)
  • Bug in RangeIndex.intersection when result is a empty set (GH14364).
  • Bug in groupby-transform broadcasting that could cause incorrect dtype coercion (GH14457)
  • Bug in Series.__setitem__ which allowed mutating read-only arrays (GH14359).
  • Bug in DataFrame.insert where multiple calls with duplicate columns can fail (GH14291)
  • pd.merge() will raise ValueError with non-boolean parameters in passed boolean type arguments (GH14434)
  • Bug in Timestamp where dates very near the minimum (1677-09) could underflow on creation (GH14415)
  • Bug in pd.concat where names of the keys were not propagated to the resulting MultiIndex (GH14252)
  • Bug in pd.concat where axis cannot take string parameters 'rows' or 'columns' (GH14369)
  • Bug in pd.concat with dataframes heterogeneous in length and tuple keys (GH14438)
  • Bug in MultiIndex.set_levels where illegal level values were still set after raising an error (GH13754)
  • Bug in DataFrame.to_json where lines=True and a value contained a } character (GH14391)
  • Bug in df.groupby causing an AttributeError when grouping a single index frame by a column and the index level (GH14327)
  • Bug in df.groupby where TypeError raised when pd.Grouper(key=...) is passed in a list (GH14334)
  • Bug in pd.pivot_table may raise TypeError or ValueError when index or columns is not scalar and values is not specified (GH14380)


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